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About Nadine Singh Bentis

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I am a biracial 39 year old wife and doodle mom living in Las Vegas. I earned my Doctor of Education degree and have spent over 15 years working in higher education. In 2019, I read Rachel Hollis’s book “Girl Stop Apologizing” and my life changed. This is not an ad, but if you feel like life is passing you by or you have a passion you feel “that only other people can do” you need to read this book. However, though Rachel gives you the tactical skills to have your best life and achieve your dreams, you still need to implement them and do the work. 

This is my passion project, Meghan and Me. Growing up biracial, I often got the question “What are you” or “Where are you really from?” I felt like no one looked like me and I could not even find a celebrity who embraced their biracial identity. Seeing Meghan Markle was a beautiful refreshing breath of fresh air for me. 

This site highlights the achievements and passions of biracial women and is a space for all women to share their voice. In the words of Meghan Markle women 'don't need to find a voice', but they need to be 'encouraged to use it'

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